Immortal Perfumes

JT Siems

Immortal Perfumes is a micro-perfumery where the essence of history’s most iconic writers is captured through luxurious, handcrafted fragrances. Perfumer JT Siems expertly blends her love for literature, history, and scent to create olfactory experiences that transport wearers to different eras and immerse them in the stories that have shaped our world.

About JT

JT Siems, the creative force behind Immortal Perfumes, has always been fascinated by the intersection of literature, history, and scent. As a former English literature teacher, she loved exploring the power of stories and the impact they have on our lives.

When she decided to embark on a new career path, JT combined her passion for teaching and her hobby of perfume-making to create a unique brand that celebrates the world’s most beloved literary figures and historical icons.

JT’s scents are inspired by real-life historical figures, literary characters, and the eras they inhabited. Through meticulous research and creative interpretations, she brings to life the essence of these individuals, allowing wearers to connect with them in a profoundly personal way.

JT Siems is more than just a perfumer: she’s a historian and storyteller. She delves deep into the past to uncover the stories behind the scents, exploring the lives and personalities of the figures who inspire her creations. Through her engaging content on social media platforms like TikTok and her history podcast, Storical, JT brings the past to life, making history and literature accessible and entertaining for a modern audience.

As a stage two cancer survivor, JT is also passionate about supporting others who face similar challenges. Through her work and her personal journey, she aims to inspire and empower those around her.

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